Sunday, May 20, 2018

A very productive day

Saturday started out a bit on the rainy side so it was the perfect day to dig in and tackle the mess in the craft room. I had already started a few days earlier by doing just a little here and a little there. I'm a bit embarrassed to show you this but here's the mess I had. In all fairness to my pride, this was taken after I had started ripping one section of the room apart to reorganize it.

For those of you who are super neat freaks, you could argue that this next picture is still a big cluttered mess but it's actually quite organized now. 

Then I turned around and took a picture from the other side of the room and looked at that big blank wall over my printer.

It occurred to me that I found something while I was cleaning that I could put there. I don't even remember how long ago I bought the rub on wall words but for some reason, I could never decide what to do with them. Well, now they are on this wall.

I'm thinking now I need some pictures of people laughing and maybe a big yellow sun to add to this. Even if I just leave it the way it is, it makes me smile when I read it.

Now that I have a nice neat craft room I can start messing it up again.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

All in a days work

I don't do cakes at work as often as I used to but we still get orders for them. When I first started the majority of our cake orders were on the weekend and we would have at the least 4 cakes for the day. Now there are tons of people who make them out of their homes and our orders are much lower.
Yesterday I had to do a full sheet cake. The only color she asked for was a teal color for the border. Other than that she wanted assorted color flowers.

The left

The right

Somewhere in the middle

And the whole thing. As a last second thought I sprinkled on yellow, green and blue sugar crystals around the edges.

Tomorrow I'll be doing another cake but only a 1/4 sheet cake.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Running on empty

I was doing pretty good for a week or so with posts scheduled ahead of time. All of a sudden I realized my surplus had run out and it was time to scramble for something new.

The only new picture I had was of the top of this very cool plant poke I got for a birthday present.

Has anyone ever tried Grammarly? 
I've been using the free version and I've discovered that my biggest problem is with commas and putting a period at the end of sentences. It will kindly let me know that there are other errors too and if I want to upgrade to the premium version they'll let me know what they are. I suppose if I was writing something other than a personal blog it would be worth paying for. They send you a weekly email with a breakdown of how you've done.

Yesterday it was 82 degrees out when I left work. I finally had the energy and ambition to vacuum out my vehicle. I don't know how the floors get so bad. I mean I know during the winter I'm tracking in snow on my boots but my shoes are never all that dirty so how do the floors get that messy. I wish I could be like some people who have spotless vehicles. If I had a garage I could at least pull it inside and keep it vacuumed out all year long.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Couldn't wait.

I have a project that I'm working on. It's not quite done but I couldn't wait to post it. I saw a post on Facebook with step by step instructions for how this woman makes decoupaged bottles and jars. I was fascinated and had to try it.
I didn't have to buy anything for this. I had everything I needed. I had a big long explanation for how I did this typed out but decided to just show the pictures instead.

Like I said this isn't done. I want to add some jute twine around the top of the jar.

For some reason, the colors don't match. One picture looks more yellow, but the above picture is the true color. Above is one side of the bottle and below is turned.

 Finally a close up of a piece of the napkin that was decoupaged on.

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